Are your protein powders dairy free?


Most of our protein powders are not dairy free. However, we have a couple of protein powders that are dairy-free, which are the Progenex & Syntha.

The taste kind of depends on what kind of protein powder you're used to. If you're used to one that is a little sweeter, the Progenex or Syntha are some of our sweeter, a little better tasting.

Check these links:
Progenex Recovery Protein 
Syntha Protein

While the Pure Pharma has a bit of a strong aftertaste and is not as sweet. You can check the whole collections, HERE

We suggest you ask for an expert advice if you have dairy allergies prior consuming these products.

Please select carefully as there are no returns, exchanges or refunds provided on Nutritional or Supplement Products, Books, and Media

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