Why aren't I getting free shipping on equipment even though my order is above the free shipping threshold?


Please note that some items in our range are classified as heavy and bulky.

We classify items or orders that are over 5kg in weight to be heavy/bulky.

These are items that cannot fit into standard shipping bags. As a result, they ship separately and have shipping charges calculated separately. This includes heavy items such as weight vests or equipment.

Heavy and bulky items do not qualify for the free shipping promotions.



Please note that all equipment is considered heavy and bulky. As a result, for the safety of your order, these are shipped separately. Shipping charges are calculated on these items.

Where you have ordered equipment as part of a larger order, please note that as they ship separately they may arrive after your order. Please allow 7-10 business days for equipment to arrive once a tracking number has been allocated to you.


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